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You control a super stealthy ship on a mission to destroy rogue AI core stations. Their only means of detecting you is through your ship's Heat, which builds up when you Shoot and Warp.

Your main objective in each mission is to destroy all the stations. They appear as yellow markers on the radar around you. Enemies are red markers, but you do not have to destroy them all.

Each mission simply increases the amount of stations/enemies. After the second or third mission, performance will probably drag when you have a lot of enemies on your tail. It's just a prototype :)


Arrow keys: Move/turn ship.

Z: Shoot - this builds up Heat, displayed as an expanding ring around your ship.

W: Warp - press to start, and again to end it short. If you've completed a mission, it will take you to the next one. Warping builds up your heat incredibly quickly, but it can be used to escape if you put enough distance between your pursuers.

Esc: Close the game

Note: You can only Warp if your Shield is above half!


- You have both Shield and Hull, represented as blue and green meters above your ship. Shield regenerates, but Hull does not! Once it's gone, you're dead!

- Heat reduces quicker when you are not accelerating.

- If you think you can take it, stealth is not required. Sometimes it is better to thin the enemy ranks before moving onto the next objective.

- Upon destroying a station, any remaining enemies will switch their patrol to another station. You have a small window to take some out before they get in range and can alert their new station.



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